Track One Music started in the early 90s as Track One Studios, a full service recording studio opened by Barry Keel. In 2008 it moved away from being a recording studio to the music production service, Track One Music, to focus solely on music production.


Barry is known for his work ethic and respect for the artist’s vision. He has an extensive knowledge of music production and recording techniques; both analog and digital.


Barry is also a part-time engineer at Strawberry Skys’s Recording Studio. Strawberry Skys is South Carolina’s premiere pro recording studio located in downtown Columbia, offering the latest state of the art high definition digital recording with Pro Tools, iZ RADAR, and Universal Audio, along with vintage 2″ analog tape and top of the line analog processing equipment. Strawberry Skys features a large acoustically designed studio area with two large isolation booths and control room centered by an 80 input Otari Elite automated console.


Strawberry Skys Services INCLUDE:
Sonic Restoration
Custom Music Production
Copyright Assistance

Barry began playing guitar as a teenager and soon joined the band Crossrode to round out their lineup as the second guitarist. They began playing a circuit of clubs in the south with their driving brand of rock. Their album by the same name quickly turned heads at Arista, MCA, and Polygram with an eventual offer from Bearsville. Barry attended Berklee College of Music and graduated from the University of South Carolina’s Media Arts program with an emphasis in audio. He continues to play and do session work on both guitar and bass. Barry has worked with various artists including:

Wax Bean  /  Frank James and the Eldorados  /  Crossrode  /  The Droolers  /  The Derelict All-Stars  /  The Upton Trio  /  Kimberly Anne McDonald  /  No Cover  /  Two for One  /  Cedar Creek Praise Band  /  Shadows  / If-N-When with Ricky Strickland  /  The Southeast Drifters  /  The Michael Barber Group  /  Almost Nuts Band  / Foghat  / GrandMaster Flash  /  Heavy D and the Boys  /  Tripping On Bricks / JAHSON / The Transonics

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